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Meet The Grifters of Palm Springs/San Diego HOA Contractor WICR Waterproofing & Construction

Grifter-defined as “a person who engages in petty or small scale swindling” by the Oxford Dictionary. Small scale may not apply here but the word Grifters certainly feels right…to describe these people involved. They ain’t gonna like being called grifters, but hey, we’re entitled to our opinions under the First Amendment.

So you’ll want to go check out our newest page on WICR’s List of Grift as we gleefully call it….

Click here to meet the Grifters of wicr

Meantime, here’s some juicy goodness about Lindborg & Mazor LLP where opposing counsel filed for monetary sanctions against them and had to write a letter to Irina Mazor regarding slanderous statements she made. For clients of this firm or potential clients, one really has to ask themselves of this is the type of firm you want representing you?

WICR Waterproofing & Construction Receives Citation From CSLB WE HAVE THE CITATION! READ IT HERE!

citation page 1
From the Superior Court Files In San Bernadino What CSLB won’t publish but we will




Well well. Well, well well well…the veil is cracking open.

We don’t know the what’s about the case, but we do know that CSLB has accepted a stipulation from Mazor to settle a complaint with David Mazor, AKA Drobinski Mazor AKA David Krubinski, AKA David Leon Mazor.

Four specific complaints in fact. Click here to see them at cslb’s website. My opinion is in parenthesis ( )

  1. Departed from trade standards (Means they didn’t do it right!)
  2. Violated building law – no permit (Means they cheated because they knew their crap work wouldn’t pass)
  3. Exceeded down pymnt of $1000 or 10% whichever is least (Stole $ from the owner)
  4. Exceeded contract (Stole $ from the owner)

What we also know is that typically CSLB will accept a stipulation from a first time offender in exchange for the offenders “admission” of guilt/wrongdoing. Documents aren’t posted online for the public to read (probably a good thing eh Dave?). These violations also come with civil penalties that are assessed, ranging from $100 to $5,000 for each complaint, plus CSLB usually wants it’s investigative costs which can run into the thousands of dollars. We don’t know whether any and how much the penalties may have been.

In exchange, a complaint disclosure stays on the license for 5 years, after which if no further offenses have occurred, then it drops off.

But reading between the lines, these are serious issues that have been disclosed. And Mazor isn’t totally stupid with a lawyer wife behind him. So he must have known that WICR would seriously lose this case in order to stipulate and just have this disclosure up here.  Behind the scenes they probably agreed to also pay damages, or got their insurance company to pay…

Usually though they have to make the repairs, get the permits, make everything right and that could cost tens of thousands or more.

Here’s the funniest fucking thing of all, David Mazor drops an email on me 6 days before this was posted by CSLB, saying take down because it’s slanderous and libelous or I’ll sue you and email all these people and tell them what you are and blah blah blah blah (It’s not) Well, scandalous maybe, is that what you meant Dave? So know here we are, with Dave fucking knowing that CSLB was burying his ass, that it was going to be public info, and he starts threatening me? Were you drinking that day Dave, all depressed and feeling bad for yourself because you’re such a victim?

If you are a consumer of WICR and believe you have been harmed, contact CSLB immediately and file a complaint.

If you are the person who filed the complaint that got WICR this citattion, we’d love to see your documents and keep the public fully informed.

If you a consumer considering hiring WICR reconsider carefully.

David mazor complaint disclosure cslb





The Joke Known as Nevada Coatings Inc is Gone From the Web

We’ve ridiculed the Granite Deck System from Nevada Coatings Inc for years. Their system was a cobbled together joke that rapidly failed and with only two applicators, didn’t gain any traction in the market.

Now, a year plus after Decktech Inc of Grover Beach dropped the product, the website for is gone from the web.

WICR, owned by David Mazor/Krubinski, was the second applicators and they’ve never ever featured a job using the crap on their own website.

If you are a consumer with Granite Deck or any other product from Nevada Coatings Inc and are experiencing failures or difficulty in getting warranty work done, we advise you file a complaint with the California Attorney Generals office for fraud. All claims by the manufacturer were made by the manufacturer and we assert they were false and misleading, without any backing of proof from independent entities.