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We are all seeing the atrocities being committed by Russia in Ukraine. We see innocent civilians dead in the streets, mass graves, homes and businesses destroyed. Until the US enters the war and we annihilate and crush Russia, there’s not much we can do except donate money to Ukraine, fly their flag in solidarity and boycott Russian owned businesses here in the US.

There are three Russian businesses you can boycott starting today. WICR Waterproofing, Lindborg & Mazor LLP and San Diego Vascular Center. They are all related, and you can let them know that you won’t support any Russian owned business.

How do I know they’re Russian? David Mazor, CEO of WICR told me… about his “beautiful Russian wife” (that’s his opinion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) once in an email. Irina Bulkin, now Irina Mazor, is a partner in Lindborg and Mazor LLP. David is also CEO of San Diego Vascular, and his brother in law is Dr. Bulkin. Irina is agent for service of process for WICR and San Diego Vascular. Therefore they are Russian owned businesses that must be boycotted.

Don’t Support Russian Owned Businesses!

You can let them know via their Yelp! page that you won’t be supporting Russian owned businesses.

Maybe they sympathize with Putin, maybe they don’t. No statement from any of these 3 company’s has been issued opposing the invasion so I would take that to tacitly imply they support Russia and Putin. Silence = tacit approval. Boycott these Russian businesses and support Ukraine!

Catching Up With Mazor’s Non-Profit “Vascular Care Foundation”

Non-Profits are supposed to help people; at least, that’s the stated objective usually right?

The strange Non-Profit known as Vascular Care Foundation is apparently doing nothing at all, at least from what we can see by their tax returns at Pro Publica.

From 92128 Magazine, this fluff piece quotes one founder, Dr Anatoly Bulkin

Dr. Anatoly Bulkin is the founding VCF board member. “In 2014 I started the Vascular Care Foundation because the majority of patients we treat for vascular disease present with late stages of the disease,” reflected Dr. Bulkin. “Through our efforts we are able to find disease earlier and save people’s lives.” He was born in the Ukraine, moved to the states, and graduated from USC Medical School in 1993. He moved to Rancho Bernardo 12 years ago after training at Baylor College of Medicine. Here his family enjoys the open space and proximity to work and outdoor activities. Dr. Bulkin is a surgeon at the San Diego Vascular Center in Escondido.

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Vascular Care Foundation’s 2015 Tax Return Reveals Zero Funds Expended For “Care For the Poor”

Income of 80,550 for 2015

$10,000 In Expenditures for Professional Fees, Printing & Miscellaneous Expenses BUT No Money Apparently Spent on/for “The Poor”!

The 2015 tax tax returns for the non-profit entity Vascular Care Foundation signed by David Mazor aka David Krubinski have been posted and we got a copy.

The return shows that the non-profit received apx $80,000 in revenue/donations/grants and only spent money on professional fees (accounting/attorney type fees) printing costs and miscellaneous expenses. Schedule O, which shows specifics, showed zero funds paid for “helping the poor” as they claim on their tax exempt form.

The calendar at their website shows nothing for events in 2017 that I could find, but at least the website is cleaned up finally. Read the 2015-tax-return that places the same officers in this endeavor in business in for profit companies as well.

Have to wait til 2016’s filing to see if these guys could find any money to actually perform their stated mission.


Celebrating the Third Anniversary of WICRLeaks! celebrated it’s third anniversary of exposing the lies and deceit of David Mazor aka David Krubinski recently. Despite Dave’s bluster and threats to sue us, we’ve shut his fucking mouth up because he knows he can’t sue without exposing himself and WICR, San Diego Vascular and everything else he’s associated with to our attorney’s. And our attorney’s are just drooling over the possibility of deposing the douchebag and subpoenaing all his documents, something Sir Douche-a-Lot can’t risk.

So Davy meanders on, blustering about suing and threatening me while I slowly tighten the noose around his neck. 2017 promises to be a great year, I expect that the trap door will open soon and drop him through to hang on a number of issues Douche-A-Lot has against him.

I’m investigating San Diego Vascular whom he has an interest in; ex-employees there hate him just as much as ex-employees at WICR do. Allegations of improprieties with Medicare have come to light and that’s under federal jurisdiction…if you have information, let us know, I want him in jail too!


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