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David Mazor Is An Idiot, Threatens A Witness In Court Case by Email

Update, WICR loses court case, judgement for defendants $9,000 + legal costs.  

decision 6 30 20I really start to wonder about people and their intelligence when they write threatening emails.

It’s one thing to be standing there one-on-one telling somebody you’re going to go to their employer and try to get them fired. It’s another thing when you put it down in writing especially when the person you’re threatening has just finished testifying against your company in a court of law.

David, You’re an idiot. Go cry about that… we’re going to see you in two weeks at court again with copies of this email and give them to the judge. Of course we’re going to file them first so the judge has time to read them before we get there. Yes that includes the email you sent me last October.

You really should talk to your wife, who is your lawyer who I am sure as a semi-competent attorney would tell you that you’re an idiot to write anything like this down.

— Forwarded Message —–From: “WICR INC” <>To: “” <>Sent: Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 6:16 AMSubject: FW: Your Theft of WICR property

Mr. Ortiz,

Thanks for confirming in court today, your theft of WICR documents and records.  As you know, you signed an agreement not to take any company property, therefore  please be advised, this email will serve as a demand that you return the stolen company documents immediately.

Also, thank you for confirming in court today that you lied in your unemployment hearing and that you were not fired from WICR almost 8 years ago, you quit.  Then you filed an unemployment claim which you lied and the Unemployment department stated you lied and were denied unemployment.  By the way, I did not share this information with Bill L out of respect to you and your family, however it is clear you have no respect.    

As you know, having Bill L, an admitted trouble maker, thief and liar,  write your affidavit (which you signed, and was NOT admitted in court) was not a very bright thing to do.  Bill L has now posted your document on Yelp and as you know, you signed the document and most of it has now been proven to be false, which means YOU slandered WICR.  I would urge you to have Mr. L immediately remove the document and not post slanderous comments online using your name unless of course you wish to lose anything and everything you work for.   

Moving forward, please refrain (DO NOT) from contacting any WICR employees or my family. 

In closing, please be informed that we have very close friends within Reno contracting and although I have not informed Reno of your actions, hatred, the phone calls you made threatening WICR employees and now your statement that you have WICR records that don’t belong to you, you can be assured, if we don’t get our records back and you don’t stop harassing me and WICR, I will send everything to Reno and let them decide how to respond with your employment.  But know, this does not mean you will be let off the hook for the slander that Bill L has just caused for you.   Such a good friend Bill L is when he could care less what happens to you in court and with your job! 

Jose, WICR does not bother you, in fact we leave you alone, therefore we expect the same courtesy from you, that is unless you would rather we start sending information to the guys who make your pay check?    

Jose, it’s been 8 years since you quite WICR, get on with your life, you don’t work for WICR and may not work for Reno once they see and read all the information.  More importantly, no matter what you think of me an WICR, Bill L is not your buddy, he will be the reason you lose your job with Reno. 

By all means, send Bill L this email, we want his response so that when we post all of his comments, he will feel the wrath of his own sword. 

You can send the box of documents to WICR offices in San Diego.  If you need the address, I am sure you can look on the internet…

Don’t bother emailing me back as I will simply block your emails.  Just send the documents you stole and do it soon, your job may depend upon it

David Mazor, President

WICR Inc. Waterproofing & Construction

Office: 888-388-9427

2017 WICR Logo-Transparent-EMAIL



WICR Ordered to STOP WORK at Condo’s in San Diego? Appears so…

Copy of the stop work order was provided to us by a member of the HOA.

Google is a wonderful tool… every now and then I do a quick search for WICR, Wanke Industrial Residential Commercial and Google brings back all sorts of fun information.

Like today, where I see a unit listed for sale at 1251 Parker in San Diego where WICR has apparently been slapped with a stop work order…failure to obtain a building permit. They already have a citation pending against them for that (along with 3 other violations)

The originals listing (cached by Google here) shows the following update

****UPDATE***It is my understanding that experts in their respective fields have determined that the ongoing 9 month plus to date construction project to install 16 sliding doors and corresponding waterproofing of balcony?s, that was shut down earlier by the city for multiple municipal code violations including work done without a permit, now it?s been found that all the work done by the boards contractor Newman Replacement Door and Windows and the boards waterproofing contractor, WICR, Inc. has to be redone. The work by Newman was below the industry standard. I reached out to the owner of Newman Windows on 4 or more occasions and never received a response to my concerns nor a return call. I did receive a response from the San Remo Board of Director’s and there attorney along with the Boards president, Randolph Smith of fines in access of $3,500.00 for doing what I believe any other concerned owner would do in light that this was only a 3-4 week project and now has been close to a year. This project has no oversight and is being run by the contractors doing the work

And this is the current listing info-

****UPDATE***It is my understanding that experts in their respective fields have determined that the ongoing 9 month plus to date construction project to install 16 sliding doors and corresponding waterproofing of balcony?s, that was shut down earlier by the city for multiple municipal code violations including work done without a permit, now it?s been found that all the work done by the boards contractor and the boards waterproofing contractor has to be redone. The work was below the industry standard.This project has no oversight and is being run by the contractors doing the work. Demo and work done without any viable dust containment system being utilized or concern for personal property or the interiors. Still trying to get cement debris out of the units and personal possessions. Ive been told fans and compressors are impacted.

This HOA should file a complaint with CSLB against the 2 contractors and let CSLB deal with WICR. A second complaint alleging work started without a permit should get CSLB’s attention real fast.

I spoke with one person at the HOA and they are delighted I found the information on WICR. I’m expecting to get in the near future photographs of WICR employees at the job site, see if we can identify them as bona fide employees or if they day workers working under the table.

Dave, remember that email you sent to me back in October? You must have been drunk. Well you woke up the beast again by threatening me…

Here’s a little hint. Don’t poke the bear! Gonna make you my dogs bitch. Everything dirty I find on you is going up here.

Sleazy Awards Bought By a Sleazy Law Firm? Lindborg & Mazor LLP Lists Awards From Dubious Sources On Their Website

Is Lindborg & Mazor paying for “awards” to make themselves look good to clients?

It sure looks like it…a look at their website at has a list of “awards” that they have bought…err, received, after paying money apparently.

When a client looks at Lindborg & Drills web page, how the fuck are they to know that Lindborg & Drill paid for these awards? Answer, they don’t. Or rather, they didn’t know then but they know now. What kind of tiny ego’s must one have to buy oneself awards that are meaningless, except to perhaps defraud potential clients?

Is it legal? Apparently it is yes. But, for shits & giggles, and because it may be false advertising, I submitted an online complaint to the state bar association. Happy New Years to Lindborg & Mazor! (The countdown begins to see if they remove their scammy awards from their website, starting now at 11:45 am on 12/31/19)

Is it ethical? Depends on your ethics. For myself, I wouldn’t even consider it. Ask yourself, Do I want to deal with a firm that buys itself awards to try to impress clients?

Paid for awards

AI Business Intl
A bogus award at Lindborg & Drill’s website. Wikipedia terms these awards as “Vanity Awards” meaning pay to get them…

From Wikipedia –

In August 2018, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against AI Global Media to the effect that in two marketing emails they had implied an award had been given after a “meticulous and extensive” selection process involving significant voting by third parties, when in fact it appeared nominees were selected indiscriminately in bulk, large numbers of nominees could win awards not least because the categories for the awards were selected with a view to making as many awards as possible, and there were not a significant number of third-party votes. They also found that the first of these emails had misleadingly represented itself as being a legitimate email about an awards process not a marketing communication; they also noted that “Build”, the Al magazine in question, “did very little to promote the award winners who had not purchased the advertising packages”.[3]


A search on Google quickly turned up many sites calling these awards scams, fake, etc.

The link below lists every awards company and whether it’s pure scam or real.

How easy is it to get an award from Universal Media? Apparently as easy as writing a check. From

“Last week, up-and-coming firm FLF Abiola & Co. captured the highly coveted title of “Film Financing Law Firm of the Year in Nigeria” from both Finance Monthly and Corporate INTL, which claim a combined readership of nearly 300,000 per month. Netting this rare international two-for should’ve been a major coup for the (very) young African firm, yet the win was greeted with howls of laughter by the notoriously salty UK press. The venerable Guardian was even moved to note that Abiola’s “logo bears more than a passing resemblance to an ejaculating penis.” It’d be understandable if Abiola felt that the tenor of the coverage verged on bullying, even given such a  graphic design gaffe, but the only ones crying foul are the awards’ presenters. You see, FLF Abiola & Co., is not strictly speaking a real law firm, or even a particularly credibly faked one.

The firm was the invention of satirical law blog RollOnFriday, designed to lampoon purveyors of cash-for-credibility legal awards like Universal Media (the publisher of both Finance Monthly and Corporate INTL). After ROF revealed their ruse, a Corporate INTL spokesperson “concede[d] that there has been a breakdown in the due diligence/judging phase of our awards programme,” but that seems like a slight understatement. While the logo alone might not have been enough to erect a warning sign, there were other red flags. The photo purported to be of firm founder Dennis Abiola was, in fact, American actor Danny Glover. The Nigerian address provided did not exist. Even the FLF in FLF Abiola & Co. stands for Fake Law Firm. A cursory internet search would’ve been enough to cast doubt on the existence of the practice, but that might’ve obstructed the work of sending pre-drafted emails asking nominees and winners for £300 to fund an attractive sponsorship and promotional package.”

Hey, even dogs are getting in on the action, one dog became a member of “Lawyers of Distinction-read it below

Universal Media, the owner of several of these very dubious outfits, are being investigated for wrongdoing.

Bottom line is, if you as an attorney feel compelled to buy yourself awards, perhaps you should take a long hard look in the mirror and see why lawyers are regarded as scum. I’m left with the thought though that Irina won’t see a reflection in a mirror, like the rest of the vampires that exist in the law profession.

Yelp review of WICR Says It All!

“I would stay as far away from them as possible as they have horrible service, horrible communication, and do horrible work.”

Sean E is not a happy person after WICR worked on his condo.

We don’t blame him, sounds like many similar stories we’ve heard. All we can say is FILE YOUR COMPLAINT   WITH CSLB TODAY! Don’t delay.

The more people complain to CSLB, the quicker we can all help get the bastards license revoked. Do not let yourself be bullied by their lawyer. They talk shot a lot, but once you unleash CSLB on their ass, then they gotta fight CSLB. And CSLB loves dealing with their asshole lawyers. Irina knows all about it…

Read the review, take fair warning and run to some other company that isn’t, in my opinion, run by a piece of shit. Hi Dave, love you too man! Bald asshole.


Sean E Yelp review 2019



Bedros v WICR




Well while we are looking around at San Bernardino court fillings we found this one that was filed back in June.

The Bedros claim for damages to their deck is $125,000+.  I’m not involved in this case soI’m looking forward to attending and sitting in the courtroom as an audience member this summer. Stay tuned.

Read their second amended complaint here 2nd amended complaint amended 3 6 20 It’s full of juicy stuff.

To be “fair and balanced”, here is WICR’s attorneys claiming that the Bedros were “savvy” clients and trying to excuse shoddy contracts, unconscionable clauses etc as just a regular contract and that the Bedros are responsible. Bad news, no court is going to uphold those claims. reply to opposition to motion 6 30 20 I put it here so you can see how attorneys try to spin everything and gaslight you.

Keep threatening me Dave, I don’t give a shit. Everything I can find that is verifiable I will publish. Truth is my defense, lies are your mistake.

If you can be destroyed by the truth, you deserve to be destroyed by the truth. It was a pleasure testifying truthfully and honestly in court last Monday. Driving 450 miles round trip 3x was just another minor inconvenience in bringing you to justice.

San Remo HOA

David J


I’m working on that promise I made on the websites byline, getting 3 or more complaints against you… 2 of the 3 above are on board now…tick tock, tick tock