Do not allow yourself to be dissuaded, bullied or threatened with a lawsuit, the consumers right to review is law. The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016, signed by President Obama,  allows you to write reviews on companies. WICR can try, but will not get far in enforcing any “fines” or penalties” for $10,000 for negative reviews…yep, you read that right. See our page, Deconstructing WICR Waterproofing’s Contract and read their contract(s).

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation “The CRFA tackles two different ways that businesses attempt to squash their customers’ reviews. The first is rather straightforward: simply inserting clauses into their form contracts saying that customers can’t post negative reviews online, or imposing a fine for them. For instance, the Union Street Guest House used such a contract and attempted to fine guests over their bad reviews.

The second tactic is a bit more roundabout: businesses put a clause in their contracts saying that they own the copyright to customers’ reviews. Then, when they see a review that they don’t like, they file a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). “

Read the whole article at EFF’s website

This page is where we’ve complied WICR’s Yelp and Google reviews, as found on 3 various WICR pages on Yelp and at their 2 Google pages.  We do not authenticate these reviews, you are advised to always perform due diligence before contracting with any licensed contractor.  Check CSLB and ask for referrals.

Take heed…
This review was made in May 2021
And this is how virulently wicr attacks it’s critics…
Posted May 2021
Posted on April 23rd 2021 on Google

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