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Mazor & Marsch Caught Lying Their Asses Off In Sworn Testimony

Reactamine at job by DeckTech
Carboline Reactamine product as found by DeckTech client on job in Morro Bay.
2012-08-21 12.56.51
NCS pinholed at pool deck in Orcutt

Two lying peas in a pod were caught again lying to save their friends ass, only it didn’t work. The Contractors State License Board has rejected a Administrative Law Judge’s decision in CSLB/CA Attorney General vs DeckTech Inc.

The case in question can be found at CSLB’s License Portal where you can read the Accusation against DeckTech along with the Decision and Notice of Non-Adoption.

In the case of CSLB Vs DeckTech, who is a Nevada Coatings applicator, Nevada Coatings being owned by Mazor, Decktech has been accused of abandoning a job, taking to much money on a deposit, failing to provide lien releases and several other violations of the Business & Professions Code.

The case finally had hearings last year and a decision was posted this week at the CSLB website. The decision contains testimony from Mark Marsch who was a public WICR owner before going underground.

Marsch is found lying in testimony he gave regarding tile work. Read it below in the screen shot

Mark Marsch testimony DT tile job
Mark Marsch lies his ass off by testifying “in his opinion” the grout joints “met industry standards”. No Mark, they don’t. And the grout joints were one of the first things the Smith’s complained to me about. I’m not a tile expert, but I can see with my own eyes and so can everyone else.
mark marsch DT testimony 2
Learn more about grout joint standards  here Mark Marsch

Then Davis Mazor got on the witness stand and swore to tell the truth ( I know, right, stop laughing…)

Mazor is the mind behind Nevada Coatings System, a polyurea product that to my knowledge, no one has ever seen a can of in their life. Photo’s I have from various jobs DeckTeck has done have all shown Carboline Reactamine ET on the labels or a red can covered over with a Decktech label.

Mazor then went on to opine-

mazor DT testimony carboline NCS
The reason Mazor says Carboline would be an acceptable substitute is because NCS is Carboline. There aren’t any products labeled NCS I’ve ever seen. Carboline does not have any spec for applying their products to plywood substrates.
Mazor testimony DT 2
Carboline would beg to differ. No membrane “absorbs” into the wood substrate as the wood substrate is primed first with epoxy. See DeckTech pic below. As of 3/13/17, the NCS spec for NCS6000 UVS says it is applied at 45 mils to 125 mils. This is written information that contradicts Mazor’s testimony. Again, IMO he’s a liar here.

Carboline Rep Says “Based on what I can tell… (Reactamine ET on decks) not the right application for these products”

I spoke with Paul at Carboline Technical Service (314-219-1707) who tells me that based on the pics I have of their Carboline’s Reactamine ET being put on plywood decks by DeckTech that  it’s not an approved application by them.

He also said they would not approve it if asked to. What bothered him is that if Nevada Coatings System is the “private label” that is supposed to be what’s being put down, it should be in a can marked as such as it is deceiving the client of they think it’s Carboline “approving” the application over plywood.

Call Carboline up at the number above and ask Paul yourself.

Seems with this information, if you saw this bucket as shown below on your job, but were told on our contract Nevada Coatings, you may ask yourself, have I been a victim of a bait and switch? And after you talk to Paul at Carboline, you might want to talk to CSLB? An attorney? DeckTech’s Bonding Company? General Liability insurance carrier? All of the above? You decide.

Tuft project_edited-1
Screen shot taken from DeckTech’s website when they promoted Granite Deck. Here they discuss primer on the deck first then the membrane. So any absorption of product into the substrate would be the primer, not the membrane.

I’ve reported on this site several cases where Mazor (Krubinski) has been caught lying.  He was found by a Judge to be “less than credible”. Well I am going to make sure CSLB knows of your unsavory history in lying under oath.

Here at a DeckTech job we see familiar looking red buckets with a “DeckTech” label over the mfg’s label. I’m not saying these are Carboline buckets, I’m saying the red color looks familiar. 

I tried sending a message to Dave’s email but got an error msg, but this is what I tried to send-

3 scum bags
Telling Dave he’s a liar to his face will be very satisfying when I get that chance.

CSLB Suspends License of Decktech Inc, a Client of Krubinski’s Nevada Coatings Products

A large applicator of David Mazor’s aka David Krubinski’s Nevada Coating System products won’t be purchasing any products for the time being. DeckTech Inc of Grover Beach just had their license # 796956 suspended by the Contractors State License Board  after their bond company cancelled their bond on Febrary 4th.

While financially it may not dent Krubinski’s wallet to badly, it probably dents his pride when one of his pet companies has had their license suspended twice within 15 months, once for not having a workers comp policy and now for a claim made against their surety bond held by American Contractors Indemnity Corp according to a spokesperson I spoke with there.

Indeed, Krubinski loved to tell me that ”  Nevada Coatings requires only properly licensed and financially stable companies install our products, ensuring the end user has necessary protections.”  So I’ll take this to mean that DeckTech can’t be a authorized applicator anymore? If Krubinski is so concerned ensuring that their end user has “necessary protections”, that should include removing applicators who have pending suspension or revocations of their license hanging over their heads right? Krubinski doesn’t want to do that in my opinion…that would dent his sales and wallet since he doesn’t appear to have to many NCS applicators that I can find. Or at least any who admit that they are on the web…

In the meantime, while DeckTech’s license is suspended, they can’t contract for work perform any work, have employees on your job site for any reason…so if you have any questions or concerns, contact CSLB for latest updates on license status and more.

WICRLeaks.com Issues Alert on Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential’s License Status

Consumers, HOA’s, Management Companies and Builders are advised to be cautious when contracting with WICR Inc or allowing workers onto a property/job site.

According to the CSLB website, there may not be a workers comp policy in place for the protection of workers and WICR’s clients. You are advised to insist on receiving a letter or certification from WICR’s workers comp insurance company that they have a policy in place prior to allowing work to proceed or signing a contract.

In cases where a worker is injured on a job and no workers comp policy is in place, you may be determined to be the employer and become responsible for the costs of an injury. We advise you consult with your attorney or agent to ensure you are protected.

Here is a screen shot of the WICR license status as of today on CSLB’s website.

License is due to be suspended soon if no workers comp insurance is filed with CSLB.
License is due to be suspended soon if no workers comp insurance is filed with CSLB.

New Evidence and New Allegations of Failing to Obtain Building Permits Emerge

We reported earlier that an ex-employee of WICR inc alleged that a project he worked on in Huntington Beach had some permits pulled for repair work, but other units did not. The initial complaint to CSLB was declined due to lack of evidence.

Now our source, Jose Ortiz, says he has the proof to reopen the investigation,  and will refile his documents and claim, along with filing several other new complaints with CSLB that allege that WICR did not pull permits on several projects he worked on because WICR was not properly licensed to perform such work. Below are links to his documents Ortiz provided to us along with a jpg file of the units Ortiz says he worked on vs what was permitted.

Ortiz claims he worked on other projects without permits and when WICR was not properly licensed at a property in Chula Vista and another in Vista CA.

Construction without obtaining a building permit is an offense-from the CSLB website

Accelerated building permit enforcement efforts will begin in January 2010, following the Contractors State License Board’s (CSLB) unanimous vote to make this a higher priority. Building permits are a critical element to any construction project, helping to ensure that construction is performed according to established state and local code, and safety standards. Sections 7090 and 7110 of the California Business and Professions Code mandate that CSLB help regulate these laws and safety standards, and discipline violators.

Permit violations are not only a health and safety issue for the property owner, but can also become a financial liability if someone is injured. When a contractor performs work that requires a permit and doesn’t have one, a local building department can issue a “Stop Work” notice and assess fines against the property owner. Contractors who violate the permit process may be held responsible for any fine issued to the property owner by the building department, as well as the cost of complying with the code requirements.

According to a license classification person at CSLB who we spoke with today, WICR added a B classification to their license on 11/19/13. Any construction work done that is not related to their C-33 Painting and C-54 Tile classifications and done without a permit is considered a serious violation of CSLB laws.

Ortiz claims he routinely was working on projects performing work that wasn’t under WICR’s license classifications and says he has pictures, documents and emails to prove it.

Ortiz says he is refiling the paperwork with CSLB for investigation.

At the Master series at Seacliff, which began in early 2012, Ortiz says he repaired and replaced plywood and framing as well as worked on balcony railings. From CSLB’s website it appears this work would require a B license. He also claims that Sean Krubinski, a field manager at WICR, told him to get off balconies he was working on without permits when the inspector was on the job site. Ortiz said he was told that the City couldn’t track all the work and they would save some money.

At the Chula Vista and Vista jobs, Ortiz says he performed carpentry work in 2012, prior to WICR obtaining a B license.

List of addresses that Ortiz worked on vs what units had permits pulled.
List of addresses that Ortiz worked on vs what units had permits pulled.

List of contracts for Master Series

Permit Record    

Jobs done without permit

We will follow up with a report on the status of Ortiz’ claims in the next few weeks.