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Nevada Coatings System – The Industry Joke, Is Dead! Long Live The King!

When your largest applicator of your product walks away from your product, it can cause problems to your bottom line. When your largest applicator, who is actually only 1 of 2 known applicators, walks away from your product, you’re pretty screwed.

Unless Dave has an ace up his sleeve, Granite Deck is essentially dead. Considered a joke in the industry, Dave’s schtick in selling this crap got zero traction.

Industry joke Nevada Coatings System, owned by David Mazor, aka David Krubinski appears to be for all intents, “Dead Man Walking”. For a few years in the San Luis Obispo area, DeckTech Inc was a large applicator of his crap. They sold the hell out of it, claiming it was the answer to all things wrong with competing systems. They claimed it was Class A fire rated, (I can’t find any proof of that from any reliable sources), it encapsulated all flashing and nailing details, blah blah blah…puke.

NCS-GRANITE II SYSTEM   Decktech-081901
Old Decktech webpage saying this is the best crap in the world


2010-04-29 10 46 41 (3)
DeckTech claims this…see next photo for reality check
Reality-the product is separating at the edge. Reality, you can’t effectively protect a hard 90 degree edge. Coatings adhere well to rounded edges


I, from the very beginning, upon hearing that Krubinski was behind the product, had strong doubts. DeckTech sprayed the crap everywhere-onto condo’s decks in Avila Beach, single families in Grover Beach, luxury homes in Cayucos, commercial jobs in Pismo Beach, roofs in Paso Robles, you name it, the crap was being applied everywhere.

Fast forward a few years-DeckTech has 200+ Granite Deck jobs done and now the devil wanted his due-despite the maintenance agreements and the money made selling the stuff, go backs for “warranty work” is the bane of waterproofing contractors. I’ve personally consulted on a half dozen + Granite Deck failures and became aware of many others from other sources.  I’ve seen one lawsuit against DeckTech settled over Granite Deck problems.

Simply put, despite all the hype and showmanship, Granite Deck isn’t performing for Decktech as envisioned. There’s multiple condo decks in Avila that are failing, single family decks that are failing, commercial buildings too. They have been having a nightmare of go back issues, from paperwork I obtained, at least 24 go back jobs are on a list from October for DeckTeck. That’s a ton of money being hemorrhaged out. First on labor and materials to fix the problems, then the loss of income on new work that can’t get done.

Decktech recently put up a new website design and it’s content is quite different than from a couple years ago. Decktech then extolled Granite Deck, now one can’t find nary a mention of it at the new website. Before DeckTech trashed metal lath decking systems, now it’s what they install from Westcoat, Life Deck and Mer-Ko.

DeckTech manufacturers 1 14 16
No more talk about Nevada Coatings at DeckTech, they smartened up after a few years of eating failures. 

Interestingly, Krubinski/Mazor’s own company WICR, which is last man standing it appears as an applicator of Granite Deck, has zero pictures at their website showing it being applied. Indeed, their blog discusses how great Dex-O-Tex is (a true, bonafide deck system) but there’s no mention of Granite Deck. Really the only way you’d know they were an applicator is by looking at their manufacturer affiliations where Nevada Coatings is mentioned.

By all appearances, NCS is down the toilet as a product. Long live the king!



November 4th 2015 marks an anniversary that must be noted; that date will mark the second year that has passed since David Krubinski guaranteed personally that he would sue me into bankruptcy if I defamed, libeled, slandered he or his companies etc. So far no suit…which could change at any moment of course…read why below.

However, as we’ve always stated right along, if something we’ve published you believe (Dave) is erroneous, please provide us with the correct information so we can update our article accordingly.

We’ve uncovered a lot here at WICRLeaks and continue to investigate leads that have come in. While it seems quiet here on the blog, behind the scenes we are busy. Please bear with us as we continue our work. As always, we are always welcoming new leads and so I encourage current employees and ex-employees to come forward with information.

So going back in time to Nov 2013, here’s a couple screen shots of some promises Krubinski made in November 2013…

Krubinski promises he'll sue if I libel/slander/defame him...so far no suit, which means I must be telling the truth?
Krubinski promises he’ll sue if I libel/slander/defame him…so far no suit, which means I must be telling the truth?

Physical threat or Just a Saying?

Here Krubinski appears agitated,and even perhaps threatening? Is a “significant fall from my high chair” just a metaphor or does it insinuate something more sinister? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Promises promises
I guess we have our facts straight…Cause I’m still standing despite numerous empty threats like this one. Of course, if anything were to happen to me, guess who might get looked at closely??? I mean one could take from the “result in a significant fall from your high chair” to mean physical harm…


Right now WICR, Krubinski and Fred Wanke’s company, is suing an ex employee to bar him from listing them as creditors as part of a personal bankruptcy. They want to try to continue to collect a settlement/award they won in a suit over customer records. They are spending a lot of time and certainly money on this, and in discussions I’ve had with attorneys familiar with cases like this, say the likelihood of collecting a fraction of the award is small and will take years. So is Krubinski wont to seemingly throw good money after bad to satisfy an ego problem? Maybe…

Krubinski has threatened/promised to sue if I ever libeled him…so why hasn’t he many friends and interested parties have asked. I think the simple answer is, he can’t. Because there’s greater risk in exposing himself to further scrutiny and damage as a result. In a suit Krubinski filed and lost some years ago, their was a profound statement made which we use here as a motto…”Truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose.” I’ll bet Krubinski hates that and stays up at night and silently seethes…which means we’re doing our job.

Mazor Incriminates Himself…

As seen here, David Mazor aka David Krubinski updated the WICR listings at Manta.com, Son Sean Krubinski is the chief contact person.
As seen here, David Mazor aka David Krubinski updated the WICR listings at Manta.com, Son Sean Krubinski is the chief contact person.

Further removing any doubt about who is the hidden owner of WICR Inc waterproofing in San Diego is…drum roll please, David Mazor himself. We found this updated Manta listing that shows who updated it- David Mazor aka David Krubinski.

This helps to enforce the belief that Fred Wanke is the stooge who is the puppet dancing on a string, while behind the scenes the master puppeteer runs everything. We have audio tape of Mazor incriminating himself as owner of WICR too.

Remember, if WICR wants to sell you Granite Deck by Nevada Coatings, the conflict of interest is that Mazor/Krubinski owns that company too and so is double dipping. Your best of finding another company in our opinion. What’s your thoughts? Tell us in the comments.

WICR’s Attorney Desperately Trying to Maintain Companies Right To Collect From Bankrupt Ex-Employee Defendant

We learned recently that WICR’s attorney Peter Lindborg of Lindborg and Mazor filed suit in October 2014 against Scott Keck, a former WICR employee who went through a long drawn out lawsuit over trade secrets back in 2012 with WICR, who ultimately prevailed and obtained a stipulated agreement. The suit against Keck seeks to keep Keck from shielding himself from liability in paying monetary awards made to WICR despite Keck filing bankruptcy. See the information on the suit here https://www.inforuptcy.com/filings/casbke_398192-3-14-ap-90191-wanke-industrial-commercial-residential-inc-v-keck-et-al-bankruptcy

WICR’s filing as found at inforuptcy.com.

Adversary case 14-90191. Complaint by Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc. against Scott Keck, Arwen Keck. Nature of Suit: 68 (Dischargeability – 523(a)(6), willful and malicious injury) , Fee Amount $ 350.00 Filed by Peter Lindborg on behalf of Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1Exhibit # 2Exhibit # 3Exhibit) (Lindborg, Peter) (Entered: 10/06/2014)

As described at http://stimmel-law.com/ru/articles/nondischargeability_in_bankruptcy_of_certain_claims.html we learn the legal theory behind that.

Non-Dischargeability in Bankruptcy of Certain Claims Based on Intentional Wrongdoing   Stimmel Stimmel and Smith
Always seek legal advice this is not for use except for entertainment.

WICR’s goal is to try to collect on an award they won in a long drawn out suit over customer lists that Keck and his partner Jacob Bozarth lost. One law firms blog put it like this on the stipulated injunction they agreed to “Defendants eager to escape the costs and pressures of a trade secret misappropriation or unfair competition lawsuit should think carefully about entering into a stipulated injunction in order to end a lawsuit.  It is all too easy for a defendant in that circumstance to rapidly agree “not to use anything of theirs” without realizing that the issuance of a stipulated injunction is a hammer that the former employer may hold over the head of the former employee for the term of the injunction.  Defendants are well advised to think long and hard about giving their enemies such a weapon.” http://www.tradesecretemployeeraiding.com/2013/06/11/defendants-beware/

From http://www.tradesecretsnoncompetelaw.com/2012/10/articles/non-solicit-agreements/california-court-of-appeal-enforces-stipulated-injunction-that-restricts-competition/ comes this explanation of the original suit.

In the underlying action, Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc. (“Wanke”) sued two former employees and their new company for, in part, misappropriation of trade secrets, after the employees started a competing business. The parties resolved the action by entering into a settlement agreement and mutual release, as well as a stipulated injunction that, in part, prohibited the former employees from “contacting or soliciting” any customer identified in a customer list which was attached to the stipulated injunction. The stipulated injunction also had a $50,000 liquidated damages provision for the initial violation and $10,000 for each subsequent violation.

This link below takes you to a long document from the prior proceedings over trade secrets that led to this case…


It’s not clear how much Scott Keck may owe WICR,but it is clear that WICR is willing to invest more money into trying to saddle Keck with the award remaining collectible instead of being shielded in bankruptcy. Our calculations, based on various documents found on the web, is at least $90,000+ is owed by Keck to WICR-based on documents it appears there is a $50,000 judgement, $17,000+ awarded WICR in attorney fees along with several $10,000 punitive damages awards. It is not clear from gleaning documents if they have collected a dime yet.

Some say WICR is throwing more money into “sunk” costs that they won’t ever collect on, while others say it may be worth it in the long run if WICR can continue to try to collect from Keck.

We here of course are rooting for Scott Kecks’ attorney to leave WICR twisting in the wind…

These lawsuit cases have kept WICR’s secret owner David Mazor’s wife, Irina Mazor and her partner Peter Lindborg busy over the years, it’d be a damn shame to see it all their time wasted and whatever actual cash WICR ponied up to prosecute these cases disappear along with what would become a worthless judgement under the protection of bankruptcy.

Tell us in the comments, will you feel bad for WICR if Scott Keck legally is able to tell them to go to hell?

CSLB Suspends License of Decktech Inc, a Client of Krubinski’s Nevada Coatings Products

A large applicator of David Mazor’s aka David Krubinski’s Nevada Coating System products won’t be purchasing any products for the time being. DeckTech Inc of Grover Beach just had their license # 796956 suspended by the Contractors State License Board  after their bond company cancelled their bond on Febrary 4th.

While financially it may not dent Krubinski’s wallet to badly, it probably dents his pride when one of his pet companies has had their license suspended twice within 15 months, once for not having a workers comp policy and now for a claim made against their surety bond held by American Contractors Indemnity Corp according to a spokesperson I spoke with there.

Indeed, Krubinski loved to tell me that ”  Nevada Coatings requires only properly licensed and financially stable companies install our products, ensuring the end user has necessary protections.”  So I’ll take this to mean that DeckTech can’t be a authorized applicator anymore? If Krubinski is so concerned ensuring that their end user has “necessary protections”, that should include removing applicators who have pending suspension or revocations of their license hanging over their heads right? Krubinski doesn’t want to do that in my opinion…that would dent his sales and wallet since he doesn’t appear to have to many NCS applicators that I can find. Or at least any who admit that they are on the web…

In the meantime, while DeckTech’s license is suspended, they can’t contract for work perform any work, have employees on your job site for any reason…so if you have any questions or concerns, contact CSLB for latest updates on license status and more.