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Second Contract Verifies WICR Has the Worst Contract in California-CSLB Powerless Unless and Until Consumers File Complaints

I recently received a copy of WICR contract from an anonymous source that confirms my previous reporting that WICR has the absolute worst home improvement contract in California.

A second contract I received shows the exact same language. Sadly an HOA actually signed this turd of a contract and now faces substantial difficulties getting out of it without legal assistance.

Run away from WICR! They are thieving scum with a POS owner that will steal your money.

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CSLB needs complaints to act! If you signed this contract, file a complaint with CSLB immediately! Do not wait, do not try to negotiate, do not let them on your property.

Domain Names For Sale

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Amazing day of shopping online today! What idiot failed to buy up these names? Uh, never mind.

They could be for sale… What’s a valuable domain worth? 1 million each? 3.5 million for all 4 in a package deal?

We’re Investigating- Has Your Association Received A “Re-Issued Balcony Inspection Report” From Deck Inspectors Inc.?

I recently received information from an anonymous source who told me that their association has received a reissued report under SB 326 for balcony inspections at his HOA. We understand that in correspondence from the association to it’s members that it says something to the effect that the report has been reissued with the signature of the architect who performed the inspections as the initial report was inadvertently signed by a different engineer.

What kind of competent engineer inadvertently signs a report that he shouldn’t have? Answer, none.

If you are like me you will find this very suspicious. I queried several engineers and other professionals who have to sign off on documents… And I asked is it possible for you to sign a report that you weren’t meant to sign? Answer was a resounding no because every one of them told me that before they sign anything that they haven’t written but have to sign off on that they read it thoroughly and ensure that it is a report that they can sign. Most said that they prefer to write their own document and sign their own document.

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David Mazor Should File a Complaint Against His Own Law Firm, Lindborg & Mazor LLP, For Incompetence

So I am just doing a little research and I stumbled upon an American bar association magazine article regarding lawyers and their problems with redacting confidential client information. Click here if you care to read it… https://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/redacting-confidential-client-information

After reading it I realized that what it was saying to me was that Peter Lindborg made serious mistakes by failing to properly redact a document that he filed on behalf of his client.

The article talks about challenges lawyers face… Stating that it is more difficult than it sounds to redact all necessary information; it requires significant attention to detail and ideally layers of review. One of the things that it discusses is wrong ways to redact information which includes changing the font to white blacking out with comment tools or covering text with a black marker… I repeat covering text with a black marker. In numerous filings on a court case involving David Mazor, redacted documents were blacked out using a black marker… And when printed out the blacked out text underneath was often visible, including the email address of a client of WICR. WICR attempted to use this email to show the court, falsely, that they had lost a $50,000 contract. When I realized that I could read the email address of the redacted person I emailed them and was told that they walked away because they had realized that WICR was a problem. Failing to probably redact can lead to the waiver of attorney client privilege, a malpractice lawsuit or even professional discipline.

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Fan Mail

I love to get fan mail and hear from people regarding WICRleaks.com and how it’s helped save them from making a mistake. Today’s fan mail came from one of my industry peers who shall remain anonymous…

Ending his email with “Keep up the good fight!” our fan also wrote this “I’ve been reading your articles about the issues with WICR and Deck Inspectors Inc. and I applaud you for the effort to expose some of the misdoings that can prove quite disasterous to the unknowing.”

To which I say thank you sir for your email and your email confirms that I’m doing the right thing, shining a light into the dark holes of David Mazor’s greed and grift through Deck Inspectors Inc and WICR Waterproofing.