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Apparently AT&T Mobile owes Dave Krubinski $50.00. At least that’s according to

Every penny we hope Dave claims his $50 and sends us a finders fee. LOL

Every penny counts…so we hope Dave claims his $50 and sends us a finders fee. LOL

While it’s seemingly quiet here on this blog, we’re busy investigating a couple new leads that have come in. one said to look into military contracts and disclosures…or rather, lack thereof’s…anyone know anything? Send us your tips.

As seen here, David Mazor aka David Krubinski updated the WICR listings at, Son Sean Krubinski is the chief contact person.

As seen here, David Mazor aka David Krubinski updated the WICR listings at, Son Sean Krubinski is the chief contact person.

Further removing any doubt about who is the hidden owner of WICR Inc waterproofing in San Diego is…drum roll please, David Mazor himself. We found this updated Manta listing that shows who updated it- David Mazor aka David Krubinski.

This helps to enforce the belief that Fred Wanke is the stooge who is the puppet dancing on a string, while behind the scenes the master puppeteer runs everything. We have audio tape of Mazor incriminating himself as owner of WICR too.

Remember, if WICR wants to sell you Granite Deck by Nevada Coatings, the conflict of interest is that Mazor/Krubinski owns that company too and so is double dipping. Your best of finding another company in our opinion. What’s your thoughts? Tell us in the comments. is now ranked as the 3rd listing on Google's search results for Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential. is now ranked as the 3rd listing on Google’s search results for Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential.

How do you explain to your boss David Krubinski aka David Mazor, why you deserve a big salary when you can’t even get his website to show up on the first page of Google’s search results when a search for “Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential” is made? Niki must have some kind of answer for that we’d guess.

We don’t know or even much care, but we sure were excited to see is now the 3rd result to show up on Google’s first page of search results for that search string. There’s a saying the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google’s search results…well that’s about where the website of WICR is listed. The first page is owned by search results pointing to WICR’s case against Waterproof Solutions which also won’t leave many consumers feeling good about a company whose primary bent is suing ex-employees.

We’d guess that the marketing department eye candy strolling around in the office keeps Dave’s eye from paying attention to small details like this…meanwhile storm clouds gather off in the distance, threatening to rain a shitstorm down on Dave and his ilk in the near future.

Happy July 4th to WICR!

We learned recently that WICR’s attorney Peter Lindborg of Lindborg and Mazor filed suit in October 2014 against Scott Keck, a former WICR employee who went through a long drawn out lawsuit over trade secrets back in 2012 with WICR, who ultimately prevailed and obtained a stipulated agreement. The suit against Keck seeks to keep Keck from shielding himself from liability in paying monetary awards made to WICR despite Keck filing bankruptcy. See the information on the suit here

WICR’s filing as found at

Adversary case 14-90191. Complaint by Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc. against Scott Keck, Arwen Keck. Nature of Suit: 68 (Dischargeability – 523(a)(6), willful and malicious injury) , Fee Amount $ 350.00 Filed by Peter Lindborg on behalf of Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1Exhibit # 2Exhibit # 3Exhibit) (Lindborg, Peter) (Entered: 10/06/2014)

As described at we learn the legal theory behind that.

Non-Dischargeability in Bankruptcy of Certain Claims Based on Intentional Wrongdoing   Stimmel Stimmel and Smith

Always seek legal advice this is not for use except for entertainment.

WICR’s goal is to try to collect on an award they won in a long drawn out suit over customer lists that Keck and his partner Jacob Bozarth lost. One law firms blog put it like this on the stipulated injunction they agreed to “Defendants eager to escape the costs and pressures of a trade secret misappropriation or unfair competition lawsuit should think carefully about entering into a stipulated injunction in order to end a lawsuit.  It is all too easy for a defendant in that circumstance to rapidly agree “not to use anything of theirs” without realizing that the issuance of a stipulated injunction is a hammer that the former employer may hold over the head of the former employee for the term of the injunction.  Defendants are well advised to think long and hard about giving their enemies such a weapon.”

From comes this explanation of the original suit.

In the underlying action, Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Inc. (“Wanke”) sued two former employees and their new company for, in part, misappropriation of trade secrets, after the employees started a competing business. The parties resolved the action by entering into a settlement agreement and mutual release, as well as a stipulated injunction that, in part, prohibited the former employees from “contacting or soliciting” any customer identified in a customer list which was attached to the stipulated injunction. The stipulated injunction also had a $50,000 liquidated damages provision for the initial violation and $10,000 for each subsequent violation.

This link below takes you to a long document from the prior proceedings over trade secrets that led to this case…

It’s not clear how much Scott Keck may owe WICR,but it is clear that WICR is willing to invest more money into trying to saddle Keck with the award remaining collectible instead of being shielded in bankruptcy. Our calculations, based on various documents found on the web, is at least $90,000+ is owed by Keck to WICR-based on documents it appears there is a $50,000 judgement, $17,000+ awarded WICR in attorney fees along with several $10,000 punitive damages awards. It is not clear from gleaning documents if they have collected a dime yet.

Some say WICR is throwing more money into “sunk” costs that they won’t ever collect on, while others say it may be worth it in the long run if WICR can continue to try to collect from Keck.

We here of course are rooting for Scott Kecks’ attorney to leave WICR twisting in the wind…

These lawsuit cases have kept WICR’s secret owner David Mazor’s wife, Irina Mazor and her partner Peter Lindborg busy over the years, it’d be a damn shame to see it all their time wasted and whatever actual cash WICR ponied up to prosecute these cases disappear along with what would become a worthless judgement under the protection of bankruptcy.

Tell us in the comments, will you feel bad for WICR if Scott Keck legally is able to tell them to go to hell?

We have a poll for our readers…who’s hot and who’s not? WICR has a looker in da house…will she grab the bosses attention or does the sting of a rumored 3 mil settlement still bite hard enough to keep eyes front?

So lets have a little fun and tell us who you think is hot, and who is not…Take our poll now!


Androniki Bossonis, Hired for Marketing & Sales Director Position, Appears Overqualified

New Marketing & Sales Director at WICR

New Marketing & Sales Director at WICR

In a press release sent out last week from WICR, Inc of San Diego, they announced the hiring of Androniki Bossonis to assume the duties of former Sales and Marketing Director Noel Davis.

The release discussed  Ms Bossonis’ and the  positions she held with various firms along with her qualifications, which with all due respect to her, makes her appear to be way overqualified for WICR. She will have some challenges coming though…a search for “Wanke Industrial Commercial” on Google turns up pages and pages of sites discussing WICR’s suit against several former employees. The typical searcher may be discouraged to see that news about WICR’s relentless pursuit of their competitor over customer lists everyone has before they ever find a WICR listing that links to WICR’s website. Search wise, they don’t show up well on general searches for San Diego or Los Angeles. Maybe time to dump the crummy website and find someone else to build a better performing site? All things for the new director of marketing to determine in due time.

WICR Inc Press Release announcing new director of sales and marketing.

WICR Inc Press Release announcing new director of sales and marketing.

With credentials from the likes of and Mark Levinson, “Niki” as known to her business associates, appears extremely overqualified for WICR. At the same time, she may be underqualified if she doesn’t have a good understanding of waterproofing and construction. The overqualified part of this leads one to ask why she was hired and who hired hired her? With all signs pointing to David Mazor aka David Krubinski being in charge, it’s likely he hired her.

One of our sources with knowledge of WICR and Krubinski’s divorce with ex-wife Carol, remarked on Bossonis being  attractive and said “That girl is going to give Irina fits!”  Irina being Irina Mazor, Krubinski’s new wife.

As yet unanswered is the fate of Noel Davis, the former Director of Sales and Marketing. The WICR website has not been updated although their blog on the website has the press release. Currently the website shows Davis as still Head of Sales.

We found this review of WICR on Yelp! Here you can see that the reviewer has complained about their work and problems…and he claims he was threatened with a lawsuit by the owner when his review came to their attention…that’s good business huh?

Well here is the review for everyone to read…

Leave WICR  a Bad Review and They'll Sue?

Reviewer says WICR owner threatened to sue