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We heard from a San Diego area HOA who told us of their problems with WICR.

WICR entered a contract with this HOA for 6 figures. The contract/bid was done by Fred Wanke last year before he had left.

The contract (which was signed nearly 9 months ago) with the Association did not apparently have a start date (read CSLB’s requirements for contracts here) or finish date. WICR has apparently failed to start the job.

The Association wanted out and told WICR that. Now WICR has sicced their lawyer, Irina Mazor onto them and is demanding “damages”.

We’ve advised the HOA to contact an aggressive and knowledgeable construction attorney to assist them and to file a complaint with CSLB about the tactics being employed. We also suggested that the State Bar Association might be interested if any ethical or legal issues from Mrs. Mazor’s work appear to be in violation of state law.

With David Mazor now at the helm and his dog (attorney) doing his bidding, Associations should be very wary of WICR. Insist on using YOUR contract, drawn up by YOUR attorney, don’t sign theirs. It is not going to protect you very well and is written to favor WICR.

In fact, we recommend that you just don’t put WICR on your bid list at all and save yourself a hassle. There’s much better contractors out there.


Update, an email sent to wicr resulted in the photographs removal from their blog. 

I was browsing WICR Inc’s website/blog today and came upon a blog post about plywood vs OSB substrate. “Written” by Chris Swanson, he discusses why OSB isn’t a suitable substrate and why plywood is…well and good.

However, as I scrolled through to the end, I noticed a photograph that was very familiar to me since I took it on January 18th of 2008.

stolen image of deck pic by Bill Leys

As seen at WICR’s website/blog, this is an image that I took in 2008.

stolen image original pic from 2008

The original image in my Dropbox folder from 2008.

Jeez, you’d think a company that’s been around as long as they have might have a few pictures of their own…but apparently not and stealing pics without giving attribution is low, but that’s what WICR is about, being snakes in the grass. The head snake is David Mazor aka David Krubinski, second snake in command is Sean Krubinski, the “protege/progeny” of Mazor. Tool in Chief is Fred Wanke, who does what he’s told and shuts the fuck up when he’s told too. Fred is trotted out as the figurehead of WICR when necessary.

Well, looked at another way, WICR must secretly admire our work, stealing is a form of flattery after all.

We’re receiving pics of David Krubinski at his home at 1146 La Canada Blvd in La Canada, with WICR employees working on the property.


WICR employees in front of Irina & Davey Mazor’s house with banner thanking them for the pool work they did…

Krubinski, aka Davey Mazor, denies he owns WICR, and so does his attorney/wife Irina Mazor.

Sources tell us he has WICR employees work on his house and pays them under the table with funds from his company’s checking account under ICR Services.

These pics show that WICR employees are clearly on his and Irina’s property working.

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An attempt to collect on a  judgement against a former employee of WICR’s ended poorly for them recently.

The former employee was sued by WICR for allegedly stealing WICR’s customer list and working with WICR clients even after a stipulated agreement. Keck declared bankruptcy and WICR pursued their judgement through the bankruptcy, attempting to keep their judgement from being thrown into the trash with the other debts accumulated.

After years of back and forth, spending thousands of dollars and untold time on writing objections and filings, the case closed with WICR collecting $7,764.18 from the bankruptcy proceedings. payout

A screen shot shows the amounts paid out to WICR and their attorney, Irina Mazor, David Mazor/Krubinski’s wife. WICR got money, Irina got zilch. Please show the proper respect and remorse when you see Dave, his hopes and dreams are shattered…LOL. It appears that Irina didn’t bother filing for any claims, because she knew she’d get shit anyway. is now ranked as the 3rd listing on Google's search results for Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential. is now ranked as the 3rd listing on Google’s search results for Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential.

How do you explain to your boss David Krubinski aka David Mazor, why you deserve a big salary when you can’t even get his website to show up on the first page of Google’s search results when a search for “Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential” is made? Niki must have some kind of answer for that we’d guess.

We don’t know or even much care, but we sure were excited to see is now the 3rd result to show up on Google’s first page of search results for that search string. There’s a saying the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google’s search results…well that’s about where the website of WICR is listed. The first page is owned by search results pointing to WICR’s case against Waterproof Solutions which also won’t leave many consumers feeling good about a company whose primary bent is suing ex-employees.

We’d guess that the marketing department eye candy strolling around in the office keeps Dave’s eye from paying attention to small details like this…meanwhile storm clouds gather off in the distance, threatening to rain a shitstorm down on Dave and his ilk in the near future.

Happy July 4th to WICR!

With the recent news of girlfriend Noel Davis’ arrest and subsequent conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), I had to dig deeper and see what else I could find. Researching records for Sean Krubinski, the boyfriend of Noel, my search hit the jackpot. Seans records of citations and arrests for suspicion of driving under the influence, open container of alcohol, speeding and the like, combined with his moniker “ChocoThaiDub” and Twitter name @Hazious, provides a clear look at a young man with apparent severe drug and alcohol dependency problems.

Here below is a listing of the driving and other offenses he’s been charged with starting in 2004 at the age 18, Sean is now 29. This link will open the pdf file we have of the listings we have on Krubinski Sean D Krubinski – 17 Public Records in AZ, CA _ CourtClick

March 2004 in Arizona, barely 18, Krubinski is charged with having an open container of “spirituous liquor in a motor vehicle” (4-252.A2) and was found guilty.

October 2004 in California -Sean Krubinski is charged with DUI/Driving Over .08. He gets the charges reduced to a “wet reckless” an alcohol related driving offense under vehicle code 23103(A). This charge is a “priorable” offense, meaning of he’s arrested/charged again within 10 years time it is considered a second DUI.

October 2005 in California Krubinski is charged with violation of Vehicle Code 21703-Following to close and was convicted in February 2005.

October 2006 in California, Krubinski is  charged with speeding under vehicle code 22349a. No disposition noted. An additional charge of failure to appear is added as well. He is given a notice of assessment for failing to appear.

July 2007 in California Sean Krubinski receives a citation for case # 44887DQ, no charge is listed, disposition Aug 2007.

October 2007 in California, Krubinski appears to get his second DUI arrest, pleading to a second wet reckless charge under vehicle code 23103(A). This probably got him a license suspension and the joy of having an interlock device fitted to his vehicle.

2007 California, Beaumont Police apparently arrest Sean for what is listed as a “local charge” under offense

April 2011 in California, Krubinski picks up citation with an unlisted charge in Case # 12938NB.

December 2011 in California, Sean Krubinski receives a citation in Case # BR444899.

August 2012 in California, Krubinski picks up another citation with an unlisted charge in Case # LA23642SK.

One of our people who provide us with tips told WICRLeaks that the citations with local unlisted charges may be for disorderly conduct/fighting.

All we can say from our vantage point is we hope that he cleans up and curtails or stops drinking. Our recommendation, request an UBER for a ride home instead of getting a ride from Sean Krubinski. From other California records related to Krubinski’s mother losing her nursing license because of an admitted problem with theft, alcohol and stealing prescription drugs from patients for her own use, it appears that it’s dysfunction junction in the family. Reference link

With Dad/Father/ex-Husband David Krubinski’s focus on making millions of dollars and ridiculing anyone who isn’t loaded (pun intended), perhaps the blame really starts there…readers, what do you think? Should David Krubinski have placed more emphasis on family than money? Tell us in the comments.

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation is the recent tip we received about ex-WICR marketing director Noel Davis being arrested on suspicion of being DUI while driving a motor vehicle. Davis separated from WICR in January for unknown reasons, speculatively because of WICR’s hiring of a new marketing director in October 2014.

Davis arrest in Santa Fe Springs California on or about October 16th, 2014 came at about the same time as the hiring of Niki Bossonosis. Davis was charged under California Motor Vehicle Code 23152(a) DUI Alcohol/Drugs for being either Under the influence of drugs and alcohol AND/OR having a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater.

As seen at arrest report of Noel Davis of Diamond Bar.

As seen at arrest report of Noel Davis of Diamond Bar.

Our search to confirm Davis’ address appears to match her boyfriend Sean Krubisnki’s address listed in Diamond Bar.

Our search for records on the disposition on the case turned up a court document showing Noel Davis was found GUILTY of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher per Vehicle Code section 23152(b) VC.

In Los Angeles County, a first time DUI offense penalty is typically a license suspension includes 1 year of DUI probabation, a minimum fine of $390 plus court costs, 3-30 months of DUI school for apx $500, a license suspension of a minimum of 6 months to 3 years AND a requirement to install an interlock device on the vehicle. An interlock device requires a driver to “test” for alcohol each time the car is started as well as at various intermittent times while driving. The driver is required to pay for the installation, which costs around $200, pay a lease fee of apx $100 a month, the cost of the monthly calibrations required and removal fees. Not to mention your new insurance premiums which will be sky high. Pretty humiliating all in all.

Noel Davis - Guilty on driving .08 or over.

Noel Davis – Either pled or was found Guilty of driving  with a BAC of .08 or over.

This development adds more fuel to the accusations by employees of a “Drug Culture” at WICR-a previous story or ours reported on Sean Krubinski’s apparent penchant for weed and his nom de guerre, “Hazious” and “ChocoThaiDub”, which are references to pot. Read that story here

Maybe this will be Noels “wake up/come to Jesus moment” where you have hit bottom and realize that you’re lucky you didn’t kill anyone while driving drunk. God forbid it takes that for this young women…