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Thank you readers for helping us show up as a Google listing!

Here we are listed along with WICR as a business listing. Our ranking on Google keeps improving with every click on to our site! Thank you everyone for reading our information! Let us know how much your contract was for that you declined to sign! Saving consumers money is our mission!

Devastating Reviews of WICR Waterproofing and Construction From Yelp! & Google… And now WICR is threatening it’s reviewers with suits!

Found on Google reviews and Yelp!

We have a reader who posted one of these reviews telling us that their contact has a clause in it that there is a $10,000 penalty for leaving a bad review on Yelp. They said they received a demand letter to remove the review.

So that readers are aware and know their rights there is a “right to review law” in California. Part of this law makes it illegal to insert clauses that fine or penalize a consumer for writing reviews on Yelp Google etc. Known as the Yelp right to review law from a Utah case, this law gives consumers a way to fight back against unscrupulous companies like WICR. If you receive a demand letter because you wrote a Yelp review… File a complaint with the CSLB and send them a copy of your illegal contract… And while you’re at it you may want to file a complaint with the attorney general’s office as well.

Take heed…
Take the advice and run the other way.
Know your rights and fight back against WICR!
Do not take WICR’s lawyers seriously, if they wrote The contract that includes these illegal clauses then they have a big problem with the state bar because writing illegal clauses in a contract for a client is against state bar rules and laws. File a complaint against Peter Lindborg online at the State bar website.

WICR’s Sleaze Factor Hits 11 on a Scale of 1-10- WICR’s New Director of Marketing Busted By Yelp!

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There must be a slime trail left behind by these people when they walk…you know like those slimy trails left by snails across your concrete sidewalk…does anyone at WICR have a moral compass? Even a broken one?

Apparently not as we see that a Yelp review left for WICR back in September last year by a Niki B was removed after I made a complaint. I provided Yelp some information, they investigated and the result is the ad, oops review, is deleted.

That’s right, new marketing director of WICR, Androniki (Niki) Bossonis apparently falsely wrote a review of her employer a month before officially joining the firm.

Fortunately I took a screen shot of it and you can see it in the slideshow, along with the screenshot of the now removed ad. With fake reviews being caught by us now on two business Krubinski/Mazor is affiliated with, in my opinion, the man has no morals, integrity or sense of right or wrong.

I was wrong about Bossonis, she does belong at WICR with Mazor and Wanke.

What’s your opinion? Tell us in the comments.

No Money For Raises But Plenty For “Victor Profit”

Leer esto en español abajo amigo’s!

PT Barnum once famously said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Sometime around 1984, a “Victor Profit” had one of his suckers come into the world. 

Fast forward to 2009/2010 and Hazious, aka Sean Krubinski, has apparently sent Victor Profit a sizable amount of cash for placing bets on sports. 

While the SBR forum users allude to a $25,000 buy in, Sean says “No not 25k, and yes you’d have to understand how the process works with them. I completely regret my decision to move forward with him, as now that I have secured his service and hes gone 1/5 on picks… I HAVE LOST ALL CONFIDENCE.” 

I guess, not to mention all the money…

So if you are a worker at WICR Inc, and they say they have no money for raises, no money to help you better your life, no overtime, no workers comp, no retirement or much hope to get ahead, just ask Sean if he could refrain from losing money on the ponies and stop being such a sucker…so that maybe they will have some money for you. Remember, Dave Krubinski, Fred, Mark and Sean all think of themselves first. 

Keep scrolling down for a screen shot of Hazious crying about his money…go ahead, laugh. I am…  

PT Barnum dijo una vez “No nace un tonto cada minuto”.

En algún momento de 1984, “Victor Profit” tuvo uno de sus retoños venido al mundo.

Un avance rápido hasta 2009/2010 y Hazious, también conocido como Sean Krubinski, al parecer ha enviado Victor Profit una cantidad considerable de dinero en efectivo para hacer sus apuestas sobre deportes.

Mientras que los usuarios de los foros de SBR aluden a una $ 25.000 en comprar, Sean dice: “No, no 25k, y sí que tendría que entender cómo funciona el proceso con ellos. Me arrepiento totalmente mi decisión de seguir adelante con él, como ahora que tengo aseguró su servicio y hes ido quinto en selecciones … He perdido toda la confianza “.

Supongo, sin mencionar perdido todo el dinero …

Así que si usted es un trabajador en WICR Inc, y ellos dicen que no tienen dinero para aumentos, no hay dinero para ayudarle a mejorar su vida, sin horas extras, sin compensación de los trabajadores, sin jubilación o mucha esperanza para salir adelante, sólo hay que preguntar a Sean si él podría abstenerse de perder dinero en los caballos y dejar de ser tan ingenuo … así que a lo mejor van a tener algo de dinero para usted. Recuerde, Dave Krubinski, Fred, Mark y Sean todos piensan en sí mismos primero.

Aquí hay una captura de pantalla de Hazious llorando por su dinero … seguir adelante, se ríen. Yo soy …