I’ve been searching through all the local LA, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County Superior Court public records for WICR’s litigation history, and boy oh boy do they have a lot! While there is always 2 sides to every lawsuit, it seems the predominant trait of WICR’s lawsuits are because someone didn’t want to pay them. Many suits allege defective work…

Looking at this long long list, one has to ask themselves, how do I avoid a lawsuit with WICR?

What do you think? Reply in the comments how you’d avoid a suit between you and WICR.


We found a few recent cases currently winding their way through the courts…we thought you should be aware of them and be able to read the complaints and cross-complaints.

Poynter vs. WICR

A small claims case for $8,115 claims defects, unjust enrichment against WICR in this case in San Diego.

Efren Contreras v. Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential

Efren won a judgement against WICR for $4,832.67 for unpaid wages. Efren if you are reading this, contact us today! We want to hear your story. Employees need to know their rights and that regardless of your immigration status, DIR doesn’t care, they will help you collect what you are owed if you believe your wages were stolen….file a complaint.

Efren ganó un juicio contra WICR por $ 4,832.67 por salarios impagos. Efren si estás leyendo esto, ¡contáctanos hoy! Queremos escuchar tu historia. Los empleados deben conocer sus derechos y que, independientemente de su estado migratorio, a DIR no le importa, le ayudarán a cobrar lo que se le debe si cree que le robaron el salario … presente una queja.

Brown vs. WICR (Dugally Oberfield)

Eight million dollar cost to construct, apparent defects in waterproofing caused by WICR.

BEDROS v WICR Filed in 2019

WICR is claiming Bedros owes them money, Bedros claims they damaged his property for 125k+. Trial is set for August 30, 2021 in San Bernardino Superior Court.

Global Innovation Development vs WICR

Trial set for July 6, 2021 in Santa Monica Superior Court Filed in September 2020, the small claims case alleges faulty work, which cost the GC money to repair, lost days etc. Most interesting is the allegations that WICR’s work did not pass inspection. We saw that claim as well in Arceneaux vs WICR.

Carol Krubinski et al v. WICR/MWA

Really interesting case especially since WICR was paying consulting fees to Carol’s husband. Smells like a set up to me…

David Mazor-Krubinski v Parex LaHabra

In 2007 David Mazor AKA David Krubinski was released from Parex La Habra shortly after Parex aquired Mer-Kote Products. It is a fascinating case and there are tons of filings by both parties. I’ll be going through several thousand pages searching for the juiciest bits to serve up here…meantime, feel free to read through all the documents listed below. First impressions-Krubinski was Wake’s partner starting in 1997 and according to the filing may still be as of 2007…and received a “consulting fee” each and every month from Wanke. This is all at the same time he is employed by Mer-Kote Products selling their waterproofing systems. Coincidentally, WICR won a lot of Navy contracts during this time period…how? That’s what we want to know…probably by selling the Mer-Kote Products to WICR cheaper than he was to there competitors of WICR’s.

In a fascinating case, Wetherly HOA v WICR, there’s some very interesting allegations to take note of…. “Fred is a tool”, David Mazor is the hidden actual owner of WICR etc…click through the gallery for highlights.

IN WICR v CANNON CONSTRUCTORS, WICR is claiming Cannon didn’t pay them for work completed, to the tune of around 160k. Cannon’s cross complaint alleges defective work with damages exceeding 160k. Currently awaiting trial.


In LaBelle Monique HOA v WICR, the Association alleges WICR’s work was defective and caused over 100k in damages to their structures as a result. WICR denies that and is counterclaim information for their payment and damages.

Here’s a messy case, involving ICR Services and Nevada Coatings, David Krubinski AKA David Mazors companies…this just helps to show that Mark Marsch and David Mazor have their fingers in lots of pies…so caveat emptor eh?

Exposing WICR Waterproofing & Constructions Business Practices

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